July 25, 2007

For Sale: Fotosis No. 002...

Just posted "Fotosis 002" for sale on ebay.co.uk, you can view the listing here. (This item is now available for purchase at our Etsy Shop) Starting bid is £175 sterling. I so wish I could sell these for less so more people could be in possession of very their own noise machine (because everybody needs a noise machine) but alas components are not free and it took me like four days to build it from scratch so I felt the starting price was as little as I could charge. Anyway still messing around with it trying to get as much playing (Testing) time with it as I can before I have to give it away and I still think its amazing. The picture on above is the development process of Fotosis 002 where I carefully connected various other home made circuits to the half finished device so I could assess nice values for the components that influence the sound before soldering them into place. I like to use different value components in every device even if the devices look the same on the outside in order to give every instrument a unique voice.

Here is a new sound clip I recorded yesterday. Its the voice of Winston Churchill doing the we will fight them on the beaches speech being played from my laptops headphone jack via the ring modulator with oscillator two (The square wave one) being used as the carrier frequency.

Or you can download it directly here.

Bye for now:-)


leftoverking said...

so cool, i want one!

wedidit said...

connie here. glad you like it, at least you know who to contact if your ever interested in getting one ;-) it's great of you to come by and visit! let me know what else we can add or improve on the site, i'm the self-appointed web mistress.