August 12, 2007

Documentation: Fotosis Information

We have reached a point where it is necessary to supply some documentation with our products. In the left hand column there is a .PDF document, just click on the link to view or download.

This document contains general information regarding our base model and describes the function and purpose of each control and jack. There are also sections like getting started, hacks, additional options, contact information and pricing.

When you read this document you will see references to switches labeled S1 through S10, potentiometers K1 to K10 and jacks J1 to J5. To make sense of these keys you must download the appropriate Fotosis No. XXX drawing. At this stage the only difference between models will be the control panel layout and jack location and a drawing will be provided with each purchased instrument and will be available for download here for evermore.

We have added a note to the right hand side column of our blog concerning our starting price for instruments. The base model will always be identical in function to Fotosis No. 002 but the look in terms of colour, layout and approximate size can vary depending on the buyers preferences. These instruments will be priced at 250 Euro and several modifications are available on request, the options are detailed in our documentation.

If you wish to purchase an instrument from us just send us an email and we will get back to you to discuss just what it is you are looking for and how it can be customized you suit your likes and needs.

More options will become available in the future, we will post them on this blog and update the documentation accordingly.

Modifications and options being developed now include:

Circuit Bending controller accessible via a 25 Way D type connector located on the rear of our devices. This will be a microprocessor based system that will allow you to control one or more circuit bent devices using our instrument. It will consist of a number of electronic switches (between 5 and 10) that you can tap into through the 25 way connector. The switches will act just like toggles but will be turned on and off by the microprocessor in a variety of useful ways, allowing you to interact with your circuit bent equipment in a whole new way. The methods of interaction that will trigger the electronic switches will include theremin like control using an LDR and also control of all glitches using a single pot. Settings will include, cycle through all glitches with variable speed, random glitch generator and the ability to skip up and down through the switches with the turn of a single pot.

Built in third bridge guitar. This will require the Fotosis instrument to be a little longer but it should look super cool. There will be a six sting, two handmade pickups, short scale length guitar with a moveable / removable center bridge built into the control panel just above the knobs and toggles. It can be played sort or like a lap steel guitar with a slide or plucked with both hands like a harp. Platforms will be mounted below the strings so you can prepare it using household objects like springs and small electric motors etc. to expand the range of experimentation possibilities.

Modifying the existing square wave noise maker to it has an even greater range of sounds.

More to come, will post pictures of the development and testing of these options as they near completion, the picture above was our first foray into pickup design and building these should become a feature on future Fotosis products, hint built in guitar.


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