August 09, 2007

Making Of: The Joys of DIY Instrument Building

These are from a series of 'making of' photos I have taken over the last months. I've accumulated hundreds of photos over the years primarily because this is the magical element of what making things brings to a person, the creation of something from nothing. Secondly, it's just great to see what is inside an electronic object.

The most difficult part (for me) with DIY building has been the wait for parts/materials which, thanks to various local/international outlets online and offline, is still relatively painless. Ironically, we are now waiting for parts.

Our preferred resources for components/parts include:

Bendables Store EBay
Banzai Effects

Don't forget your local mom & pop shops, they usually have great personal service and are a lifesaver for last minute needs. Enjoy the pics!


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