September 02, 2007

Custom Order: Fotosis No.004: Now With Extra Knob

We have just finished Fotosis No. 004. Its a hybrid synth /effect unit that combines noise maker, ring modulator and optical theremin. It was a custom job for a friend and includes two new features that were not on the original Fotosis No. 002. There is now an extra oscillator (Extra Knob) on the square wave section and a footswitch so you can bypass the ring mod. as you would with any normal guitar pedal.

The extra knob gives the synth lots of new capabilities and seems to act a bit like a sequencer, generating a variety of interesting beeps and blips that repeat every couple of seconds. Before I would have described it as a simple noise making unit but now with this modification it has become a whole lot more interesting to me. The sound clip below is a short composition I created the other night to demonstrate some of the devices sounds.

We are constantly redesigning and improving our instruments, trying to build devices that we feel are tough enough to last a lifetime and have a sound unique enough to keep any electronic musician happy. Each instrument will be an improvement on the last exhibiting its own visual style is well as new materials and construction techniques.

Improvements to Fotosis No.004 include, tougher case now made from tolex coated 8mm pine and leather carry handle.

Below is another picture of the unit which shows the 25 Way D type connector into which you plug the footswitch.

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I defenately want one...