October 31, 2007

Another Mention / AudioLemon & Matrixsynth

I have been giving props to every online and offline entity that has helped us lately so I feel it's appropriate to mention a few other blogs that have given us some much needed traffic and exposure. You probably already know them but I really need to say thanks from John and I. Not only that, but like the many websites or people we mention, their content is always interesting and a great way to start your audio surf session.

AudioLemon - One of the first blogs to feature our cardboard synth, this blog has everything related to analog, synths and experimental music. One of their latest features is about Scanner, or Robin Rimbaud who uses a radio wave scanner as an instrument.

"The scanner picks-up mobile phone conversations, police/airport/hospital communications which which manipulates and mixes with his music live. He also uses recordings of electronic sounds particular to an area, such as the walk now signal/police siren, to make a sonic map of specific locations."

Read more about it here.

Matrixsynth - This blog is updated very frequently with all the latest and wierdest in the synth world. I eyed one of the latest articles about The Electronic Arts Foundation,

"The Electronic Arts Foundation was started by Tom Rhea, David VanKoevering, and Les Trubey (my father) to promote electronic music and preserve historical electronic musical instruments.

What follows is the text of an article written by Tom Rhea in 1976 for Contemporary Keyboard magazine. Reprints of this article were included in an info package with each synthesizer sold." Link

So-net.blog (In Japanese) - This was one of our first Asian blog mentions and we were so flattered to have our saw theremin featured. Arigatou gozaimasu! Link

Much appreciated. Sorry for the belated thanks.

- C

(Photo of Robert Rimbaud from AudioLemon)

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