October 02, 2007

The Genius Of Moo Cards / Affordable and Cool

A quick post to say that the geniuses behind Moo Cards really tapped into something special.

Their premise is the production of cost effective, high quality minicards, stickers and notecards that are tiny (28mm x 70mm for minicards). Why is this clever? Well, the cards have found a cult following for their size, and for creative people, have become the object of inventive jewelery, photography projects and gifting - something we love and practice regularly.

Our second batch consisted of the standard order of 100 minicards. You can use a different picture or photo for each card if you wish (yes, all 100 of them if you want) and there is also a great selection of artist designs to choose from too. You can use pics you find online and/or you can upload from your own photo collection like we did. The flexibility and quantity make Moo alot more fun and inexpensive, it's a very good business model and a great find for artists or individuals wanting to promote something differently and offline.

We are leaving our minicards in our local haunts whenever we can afford to go out and passing them out to our friends. People really love them, they are eye catching, collectible and memorable. (We've also heard that the cards come in handy for the occasional, um, cigarette filter...)

Quite a few people are interested in buying them now too so maybe we can start a new trend in Lyon!

Check out the Moo Card site here. Their popular Flickr site is here.

- C

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