November 15, 2007

Rising Rents Give Rise to Shrinking Audio Studios via Wired

Wired's media/tech section has an interesting story on how recording studios are getting smaller thanks to improved technology and the high cost of space. Although I doubt John and I will ever have the need for an E-Trap (well, who knows) or can afford the services of the Walters-Storyk Design Group, I think the idea and acceptance of this new model can only be encouraging for those of us already used to restrictions and working with them. Our 'studio' sits on my bar!

"Tiny little studios like this one are popping up all over the world, thanks to new technology and ever-increasing rents in cultural capitals like New York, London and Tokyo. As digital equipment becomes more compact, studios can fit into ever-smaller locations."

"To compete with bigger studios, Garcia and his partner, Eric Offin, had to shoehorn two mixing rooms, a voice-over/foley room and a machine closet packed with digital-processing equipment into the conference-room-sized apartment. They even found space for a marble-tiled bathroom and a kitchen-cum-screening room equipped with both a Sub-Zero fridge and a giant flat-panel monitor."

Or, you can build this impressive DIY pro-audio studio by CayoCosta. I wish!


- C

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