January 24, 2008

Free Sounds - 'Collaborative Database Of Audio Snippets, Samples, Recordings, Bleeps'

Thanks to Dzendvokh, I now know about the freesound project. Details from their site,

The Freesound Project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under the
Creative Commons Sampling Plus License. The Freesound Project provides new and interesting ways of accessing these samples, allowing users to

  • browse the sounds in new ways using keywords, a "sounds-like" type of browsing and more
  • up and download sounds to and from the database, under the same creative commons license
  • interact with fellow sound-artists!

Really like the idea of an open and organised database, we've certainly been stuck trying to find the right sound for a project.

Visit the site to find out how to participate as an individual or institution.

The Freesound Project

- C


leftoverking said...

oh oh, i am gonna get lost in the freesound site...

Connie said...

i know! dzend found a gem.