August 20, 2007

For Sale: DIY Electric Guitar

Just listed my much cherished homemade electric guitar on on Ebay. You can find the listing here.(This item is now available for purchase at our Etsy Shop)

You might be wondering why we made this and why it is on this site that deals mostly with the electronic synthesis of sound but I assure you there is a good reason. You see I used to play guitar quite a bit, I used to be pretty good. But I found that as I got older I had less time to play and more exotic sounding devices started to appeal more to me.

Before I came to Lyon I built a guitar from scrap, just for the hell of it one weekend. To my surprise it sounded pretty good and people seemed to like its quirky design. So my initial plan was to build guitars for a living here in France from reclaimed materials. I built the one that is currently for sale but events conspired, one thing lead to another and we ended up with the Fotosis line of electronic instruments.

But my dream of building electro acoustic instruments isn't over. I plan to take aspects of my guitar building past and apply them to future Fotosis style instruments. They will be a fusion of guitar and synth, but not in that cheesy 80's guitar synth way, they will be very very different:-)


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