September 21, 2007

"Free Beer, Free Speech, Free Jazz" / IXI Software

Read on the always excellent CDM, I bookmarked the ixi software page for John and I to discuss tonight and hopefully explore soon. ixi is an experimental project with digital music instruments. The visual interface being essential to the music creation, enhancing the process.

Peter Kirn says it best,
"There have always been echoes of that in instrument design: buxom, carved women on viola da gambas, the way a piano keyboard reflects a system of tuning and pitch relations, and fantastical landscapes painted on virginals and other instruments. But I suspect we’ve only begun to see how this area could be blown up with digital instruments."

Here's more info from the ixi about pages to give you a better idea of what they are doing,

"ixi audio is an experimental project concerned with the creation of digital musical instruments and environments for generative music. We are interested in the computer as a workshop for building non-conventional tools for musicians..."

"We acknowledge the constraints that software puts on the musician, the limits that the tool sets for the creative process and we therefore promote and try to disseminate technologies that open up the limits of software (or define new boundaries). We think it should be the artist that defines the scope of his or her instrument (and therefore music), not a commercial software company."

Their free programs are available for download on their website. Check it out!

ixi software page

- C

(photo from Create Digital Music)

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