September 25, 2007

Jeff Gburek - Musician

I recently had the good fortune of meeting Jeff Gburek an American experimental noise artist who currently resides in Berlin.

Jeff is primarily a guitarist although his techniques would seem quite unorthodox to many. Usually his guitar is laid flat on a table and plucked, played, interfered with using objects like metal files a cello bow and a whole range of different bits and pieces. He also utilizes a laptop during his performances for the live synthesis of electronic sounds the playback of pre-recorded samples and to effect the signal coming from his guitar.

We just saw him perform a piece called Myopia by Djamla Primordial Science that combines experimental movement theatre and live electro acoustic music here in Lyon. We came away from the show feeling eager to discuss what we had just seen. I love it when I'm challenged by by a piece of art or a performance and this certainly did just that.

He is currently touring France and a few other places presenting this and other works with Ephia who performs the bodily elements of the shows. A list of tour dates can be found here.

Samples of Jeff's guitar orientated music can be downloaded from the futurevessel site and you can listen to his computer compositions on his myspace. He also has several CD's coming out soon filled with track which I suppose would be classed as IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) so keep your eyes open.

He gave me some of his back catalog to listen to and I have been doing just that for the last few days. Here is a link to download one of the tracks I was given. Its is a composition comprised of recordings of radio broadcasts collected over several years and is part of a four disk set called Radio Wide World 1994 - 2004. The sound samples were collected using a shortwave radio and include recordings of Number Stations, background noise and random broadcasts that have been arranges to form complex soundscapes.

Below is a shorter but in no way less interesting piece uploaded for your enjoyment. Download here.

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