October 01, 2007

"Electronic artists find inspiration in vintage gear" via Reuters/Yahoo! News

Well, this is something I didn't expect to see on a mainstream news feed. The Reuters/Billboard article states the obvious but it does express enough generally to capture at least the love of those passionate about analog.

"People are realizing what's missing from the sounds they're getting out of software," Phil Moffa of production/DJ outfit Vinyl Life says. "They're conscious of how everything is sounding the same, and digital replication is the same every time. The magic of analog is it's never the same, depending on the weather, where you are in the world, the electricity supply." Great last sentence.

"Moffa dumped all his digital sounds for good in 2005, going fully analog for Vinyl Life's "Flashlight" (Ultra) and each release since. Simian's "Attack" contains no samples, and was entirely made with hunks of such audio antiquity as the Korg MS-20 (1978), ARP Instruments ARP 2600 (1971) and Roland Juno-60 (1982)."

Agree with the experimental aspects and dynamic nature of analog sound, but I think every medium has its' flavour. Nothing wrong with mixing it up, nevermind the hefty price in collecting. Or better, you can always make em like we do!

The full article can be found here. Phil Moffa's site for Vinyl Life is here.

And as a bonus, here is another find from CDM on caring for your vintage synths 'How Healthy Are Your Vintage Synths?' by James Grahame. I've been wanting to link to it for ages so this post seems fitting for those of you lucky enough to have vintage gear to care for!

On another note, we are still in the building phase right now. We have more to come, thanks for your patience.

- C

(Picture from Reuters)

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